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The Life & Times of Scott Nehring

AuthorScott was found in Waukesha—yep, that’s what he says: “I’m a twin and an unexpected one at that, so it’s probably not accurate to say that I was born so much as I was ‘found.’  ‘Hey, look! Another one!’ So, I was found in Waukesha, Wisconsin.”

See bottom of the page for Scott’s semi-sarcastic take on his life.


He became a Christian in 2003. “Okay, I was Christian before 2003 but actually took it to heart then.” Scott was baptized in 2008 and then had the privilege of baptizing his wife, Andrea.

In September of 2007, Scott died. You can read about his experience in Chapter One, “Sometimes You Have to Die Before You Can be Reborn,” of You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens.

Scott lives with Andrea, their three children, and the family dog, Clementine, on the outskirts of the Twin Cities. He loves being Dad, watching films, gardening, beekeeping, and–did I mention watching films?

Watch a dramatic portrayal of Scott’s testimony, produced by CBN, March 2012.


Scott is a film critic whose reviews have been published on a number of websites across the United States, Australia, and India including, USA, The Chicago Times,, and a variety of local news stations across America.

As a former screenwriter, Scott is focused on balancing his love of story structure and cinema with his Christian faith. He loves to teach film studies to Christians, showing them how to “read” films and how to deal with the sometimes thorny subject of engaging modern culture.

Scott was a co-founder of the Catholic Media Review. His current reviews can be found at Good News Film Reviews and at

Scott’s Somewhat Sarcastic Synopsis of His Life

Born in Waukesha
Raised in Lake Mills, WI
…….– one brother, three sisters (including twin sister)
Began writing screenplays in my youth
Also took to art
Graduated high school
Attended UWRF – for art/speech communications
Studied art and toured France and Germany
…….for a couple months in early ’90s
Began acting/playwriting
Got married
Had some plays produced – nothing exciting
Wrote The Retreat (2003), an award-winning short film
Had some kids
Taught film courses
Became undead
One of the first regular people to give
…….a Tea Party speech (St. Paul, MN, April 2009)
Took up gardening
Took up beekeeping

I believe my record for the 200-yard dash still stands in my region for high school

Sheesh, I’m boring…

I was able to fit 20 chocolate mints in my mouth and consume them on a bet a couple of weeks ago.

Scott in His BC (Before Christ) Days – as he relates in Chapter 1 of  You Are What You See:

Mr. Know-It-All

Later, my studies included Lajos Egri’s The Art of Dramatic Writing, Syd Field’s Screenplay: The Foundation of Screenwriting, Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, and works on mythology by intellectuals such as Joseph Campbell (The Hero of a Thousand Faces) and Otto Rank (The Myth of the Birth of the Hero). I also read scripts by the best screenwriters—William Goldman, Billy Wilder, the Coen Brothers. Throughout the years I learned the structure and design of stories.

I felt I had a secret knowledge only a handful of people could understand because I could identify act structure, see character archetypes, and place movies in the context of film history. I came to understand that films were a mode of communication, and I could translate their meaning. To know how something works does thrill geeks like me.

Read the rest in the sample of Chapter 1: Sometimes You Have to Die Before You can be Reborn.