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Scott Nehring - film critic, teacher, speaker

AuthorScott Nehring is a film critic whose reviews can been found on the websites for USAToday, Reuters, The Chicago Sun-Times, The India Times, and FoxNews along with numerous local television station websites across the U.S.

Along with his popular film criticism, Scott is also a speaker, instructor, fiber artist, and screenwriter. For the past decade, Scott has focused on teaching Christians about film and culture.

It is Scott’s belief that one of the biggest reasons for the gulf between American Christianity and modern culture is that Christians have unwisely abandoned the Arts and artists. This shunning of the Arts has caused Christians to fall out of step with the culture and has too often left them ill-equipped to understand or criticize it in a productive fashion.

Through Scott’s classes, his website (, and his book, You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens, Scott hopes to educate readers to the world of Story and story progression, to open up the world of cinema and, by extension, the Arts to the average Christian.

Scott lives outside Minneapolis with his wife, Andrea, their three children, and the family dog, Clementine. In his off-hours, Scott enjoys his family, gardening, beekeeping, and watching films.

Read Scott’s latest article in Relevant Magazine: “Why are Christian Movies so Bad?”