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Why I Believe Pirates of the Caribbean Does Not Satisfy

June 18th 2012 Posted in Blog 0 Comments

When Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was initially released, expectations were not high. It was a huge-budget movie based on a theme-park ride populated by pirates. What should have been a flashy-but-hollow cinematic experience turned out to be a marvelous, intricately crafted movie worthy of praise.  Johnny Depp’s inventiveness as | Read More…

How Hollywood Undermined Our Troops

June 4th 2012 Posted in Blog 0 Comments

The average person living in the United States probably knows a military veteran but has never lived the regimented life of military personnel, never experienced the trials of war. Yet most Americans feel they can accurately describe a soldier’s life. Average civilians believe they have a basic understanding of the horrors of battle. How could | Read More…