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Godzilla is Dead

July 13th 2012 Posted in Blog 0 Comments

[Some of the] troubling productions in modern cinema are known as torture porn. Films such as the Saw series, Hostel, Wolf Creek, and The Human Centipede are designed to display, even celebrate human torment. Today’s trend away from moral-based horror and toward amoral pain for pleasure is something that should concern everyone, but the devolution | Read More…

The Artists’ Freedom of Speech and the Audience’s Right for Respect

July 5th 2012 Posted in Blog 0 Comments

Since the first jerky, black-and-white images were cast onto a screen, film content has been the catalyst for myriad contentious arguments. Early concerns over social corruption led to restrictions on displays of sex and violence in movies. The desire to curb cinema’s darker influences led to the Hays Code (also known as the Production Code), | Read More…