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Movies and Culture Report

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2011 Early SeptemberOnly One to Watch Out of the Whole Bunch + a Culture Link on the 10th commemoration of jihadist attack on America: “Does Hollywood Treat Muslims and Arabs in an unfair fashion?” and Scott’s article “How Hollywood Undermined Our Troops”

2011 Early August - Mid-Summer Dead Spot Scott’s review of Captain America: The First Avenger + Movie-Watching Tip: Fairy Tales Aren’t for Kids Anymore - and illustrations and examples of product placement and social marketing in the films and television shows we watch every day

2011 Mid July - Superheroes and the Supernatural + Interesting foreign films hitting the DVD market + What Mila Kunis, Friends star David Schwimmer, and moody Beatle John Lennon may have in common + the role of Comic Relief in stories

2011 Early July - So Many Movies, So Little to See + Some DVDs Worth Your Support + NEW! “7 Film, 3 Not” An Interview with Dallas Jenkins + Unrated DVDs

2011 Mid-June - Can We Put Aside Childish Things + Existentialism and Existential Stuff + Is Pirates of the Caribbean Christian?! + The Villain

2011 Early June - Spectacles, Social Marketing, and Schlock: Do They Satisfy? + Katy Perry Craps on Christianity + Why I Believe Pirates of the Caribbean Does Not Satisfy + R-Rated Toys

2011 Mid-May - Summer Blockbusters Begin + So Your Church Wants to Make a Movie + Do Kids Really Know Best? + Remembering Jackie Cooper

2011 Early May - Welcome to Modern Hollywood + Soul Surfer + The Hard PG-13

2011 Mid-April - More and More Taxing + Artists’ Freedom of Speech and the Audience’s Right for Respect + All Filmmakers Have Agendas + Remembering Sidney Lumet

2011 Early April - April Fool’s Box Office No Laughing Matter + Is film criticism dead? + Trailer Rush with videos + Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

2011 Mid-March - High Concepts, Low Morals + Scene Designs + Louis B. Mayer

2011 Early March - The Post-Oscar Push + The Oscars are Tarnished + “Forks in the Road”: one way filmmakers manipulate morality

2011 Mid-FebruaryA Little Something for Everyone + The Christian Brand is a Marketing Loser + Orson Welles, Dr. Ted Bahr, and The Private Lives of Public People

2011 Early FebruarySlim Pickings + Clint Eastwood and The Disposable Paradise + Christians are Insulted Enough + Stealing Movies

2011 Mid-January - NEW FORMAT! More Information!A Cinematic Mixed Bag + A Call for Christians to get Serious about being Artists + Political Movies

2011 Early JanuaryOff to a Lame Start + Godzilla is Dead: The New Brand of Japanese Horror Films – “nihilism injects hopelessness into young audiences”


2010 Mid-December - 2010 Comes to an End + Editing Your Reality + 10 Favorite Christmas Videos, Old and New

2010 December 1 - Our new four-page format -  The Best is Last + The Dutch Angle  + What is Hollywood Teaching You?

2010 November 15 Something to be Thankful For + The Establishing Shot

Note that New Movie Releases are covered in the first issue of the months below, new DVD releases in the mid-month issue.

2010 November 1 The Season for Agendas + Checkov’s Gun

2010 Mid-October Here Comes Halloween + Deus Ex Machina

2010 October 1 Oscar Releases Begin + Make Sure They’re Dead!

2010 Mid-September New DVD Releases for Christmas + the Wilhelm Scream

2010 September 1 Summer Ends with a Fizzle + Plants and Callbacks