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Our Readers’ Reviews

Andree See, Pennsylvania

…it’s terrific. Thank you so much for this invaluable gift. What a story.

John Bucher – professor, Los Angeles Film Institute

Scott Nehring has created a wonderful mix of history, story structure, and discussion important to people of faith who are film students, industry insiders, culture creators and those who analyze film without checking their minds, ethics and morals at the door. I teach film in Los Angeles and am excited about incorporating Scott’s ideas and discussion into the courses I teach. This book should serve as a discussion piece among believers who work in the entertainment industry and other areas of the arts.

Claudio Chagas, a reader in Rio de Janero, Brazil, gives You Are What You See five stars.


I read your book over the holidays and really enjoyed it.  (Dec 2010)

Jeff B. (business owner, Wisconsin)

This book takes a different approach to the relationship between Christians and film. Instead of exploring the boundary of what is acceptable for Christians to watch, Nehring analyzes the nuts and bolts of what makes movies so compelling to Christians and non-Christians alike. Once we get a peak at the machinery of cinematic story-telling, we can better understand how they influence us. Trained in this way, we make better choices, and can talk intelligently about one of the most important cultural forces we face. Nehring uses irreverent humor and lots of examples to teach how stories and characters combine to produce a message in a film. It’s fun and eye-opening at the same time.

Ron N. (business owner, Wisconsin)

What I enjoyed about this book is it smartly challenges lines of conventional thinking about why we shouldn’t watch certain movies, which Christians sometimes recite without much consideration. The author doesn’t give an excuse to watch just anything, but helps the reader understand how to watch movies, and look for content that most people would never consider. Highly instructive and written with a wry sense of humor it provides the reader with practical information about story structure, and why a story does or doesn’t work. Highly recommended.

Tim P. (pastor, Wisconsin)

I have read many books on Christians and Cinema (e.g., Real Spirituality, Hollywood Worldviews, ReViewing the Movies) but You Are What You See goes beyond these other books by entertaining, informing, encouraging, and challenging the reader. In my view the great contribution of this book is its description of story structure, and how the story structure is the key to the worldview of the film (and every film has a worldview), and that the worldview of the film is of great importance as we evaluate what we are watching. You will never watch movies the same way after reading this book, and you will be glad that you don’t!

Julie D. (writer, Texas)

Scott Nehring opens people’s eyes to the power of film as a cultural force and unlocks the “key” of story so that you really understand what you are watching (well, ok, I already watched that way … but I still was riveted by this book).

It is simply fantastic. You will never watch movies the same way again.

Adolfo R. (Louisiana)

Great advice, in the spirit of St. Paul’s admonition to be in the world but not of it.