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What's it All About?

We, as Christians, are the stewards of the culture, and for the past fifty years we have been too comfortable ignoring our responsibilities. Any change in the culture and the Arts has to come not just from the artists but from the audience.

We need a renewed Christian aesthetic in the cinema.

Join us in the quest for a revolution in the Arts and a revitalization of our Western culture. Learn a Biblical approach to watching films and television–to reading and understanding Story so we can impact our culture for Christ.

You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens can help!

Film critic Scott Nehring pulls off the cultural blinders that prevent Christians from seeing that the Arts are good for our culture and for humanity at large. When we become educated, involved audience members, we can improve our understanding and facilitate open, less conflict-based dialogue between non-Christians and Christians–connecting people looking for answers with the One who is Truth.

Can MOVIES do that?!

They can if you know how to read them and how to use what you see to tell family, friends, neighbors, or the check-out clerk at the store about the messages they see every day. Sounds like someone who used to be thirsty telling someone who needs a drink where to find thirst-quenching water!

The book is written in three sections.

Section One ~ Standards of Indecency:
Welcome to Our Culture

Christians are notorious complainers about the trash-culture they live with, but one thing most Christians refuse to see: We only have ourselves to blame. Christians either deny the importance of culture or they claim it is the root of all evil in our country. The fact is that if Christians feel their culture has left them behind, it is only because they stopped trying to keep up.

Section One opens by claiming that “movies matter and they have an impact in our lives.” Film not only entertains and enthralls, it also instructs. Film is a mode of communication and it is critical we pay attention to what is said.

The middle of this Section unravels the variety of ways film can be used to modify our thinking on a variety of subjects. From product placement to political and social agendas, readers are shown there is more on the screen than just flashing lights.

The Section ends by exposing the history of censorship that has stemmed from Christian good intentions and closes with a call for Christians to engage the Arts with an educated and patient approach.

Section Two ~ The Structure of Film:
Seeing What’s Right in Front of You

In order to understand films, the audience must first understand Story. All films are stories flashed on a wall. The reader is introduced to the narrative structures and mythological archetypes that have been developed by the likes of Joseph Campbell, Lord Raglan, and Alan Dundes.

Following the explanation of act structure, heroic character traits, and a variety of archetypal characters, we explore how these elements relate directly back to the Bible and offer Christian audiences a Biblical approach to watching films.

Section Three ~Watching Film:
The Right Way to Sit There and Do Something

With a Biblical framework for viewing cinematic Art, readers are implored to turn their attention to the most vital aspect of film—themselves. Readers are asked to question how they watch movies. Are they too restrictive? Are they gluttonous?

The final chapters also delve into elements within film structure that can be used to discern not only a film’s meaning but also its value. To gauge a film’s worth is to consider three main parts: Purpose (Why was it made?), Content (What’s in it?) and Truth (Does it explain the world truthfully?).

The book closes with suggestions on what the average audience member can do to impact the art of film and with the caution that life is short and we should only accept Art made to touch our souls not just tickle our fancies.

Read You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens today! Learn to make meaningful viewing choices and revitalize Western culture!